Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors    
Corporate Governance of Information Technology is the system by which an organisation's current and future use of IT is directed and controlled.

(AS8015 and ISO/IEC 38500)

What does this mean?
Waltzing with the Elephant

This landmark book explores, in plain language, the need for organisations to effectively govern their use of information technology as part of governing the organisation, Waltzing with the Elephant explains how business leaders can engage on their terms, in their language, and exert effective control through a comprehensive, fully integrated system for governance and management that parallels the systems used to govern other assets and resources.

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Digital Leadership Manifesto

Digital Transformation is front of mind for many business commentators and leaders - but how do business leaders step up to a role for which they are unprepared, and which in the past looked like the domain of information technology specialists.  In this new book, due for release in late January 2014, Mark Toomey lays out a model for these business leaders to become Digital Leaders, inspired by the ISO 38500 standard and the 1965 research of H J Leavitt.

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ACS Education Across the Nation

Commencing in Perth on 24 February, Mark Toomey will spend the next six weeks travelling the nation to deliver briefings and 2 day classes on Digital Leadership and Governance of IT.  This series is organised and managed by the Australian Computer Society. 

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