Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  

The ACS Education Across the Nation (EdXN) series aims to inform and enhance members knowledge of emerging technologies, trends and research in the ICT industry.


The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has engaged Infonomics to deliver a series of briefings around Australia as part of its Education Across the Nation (EdXN) program.

According to the ACS website, the Education Across the Nation (EdXN) series aims to inform and enhance members understanding on emerging technologies, trends and research in the ICT industry.

Through EdXN, ACS Members and their guests can gain a valuable insight into the impact and role of emerging technologies and more importantly learn how to harness it to deliver superior business performance gains.

The 2009 EdXN series covers (each link refers to the ACS website):

Enterprise 2.0  “Thinking outside the inbox”

ICT Governance

The Future of Technology

Problem Solving



EdXN sessions on governance of IT are scheduled to be held in:


Hobart 22 April
Brisbane 19 August
Townsville 20 August
Adelaide 26 August
Canberra 15 September
Darwin 8 October
Melbourne 21 October
Sydney 26 October
South Coast 27 October
Perth 17 November
Bunbury 18 November


For those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the key concepts in governance of IT, the EdXN briefings are complemented by one-day masterclasses, which will be run in conjunction with the briefings in all mainland capitals.  These events can be booked via the ACS website, at a very favourable fee for members and non-members.  The schedule for the masterclasses is:


Brisbane 19 August
Adelaide 27 August
Canberra 15 September
Darwin 9 October
Melbourne 22 October
Sydney 26 October
Perth 17 November


Briefing Slides

The EdXN briefing on governance of IT presents many new and challenging concepts for IT and business managers alike.  There is a great deal of new insight regarding how organisations can achieve more effective, more efficient and more acceptable use of IT through effective governance arrangements.

To assist EdXN participants absorb the new ideas, and to help them discuss the concepts with their peers and organisation leaders, Infonomics is making the PowerPoint presentation available for download.

Click on the links below to download a copy of the slides.

Slideshow - Office XP-2003 format (8Mb)

Slideshow - PDF (no builds) (6Mb)

Slideshow - Office 2007 format (3Mb)

*see note below re Office 2007 format




During each EdXN session, participants have the opportunity to self-assess the governance arrangements for IT in their organisation.  The 30 point assessment is distributed to all participants at the beginning of the session, and completed sheets will be collected after the event

Self Assessment Checklist (pdf)

Infonomics will record the results of the self-assessments, and will produce a short profile of the governance arrangements described in each session.  At the end of the series, Infonomics will prepare an overall discussion of the results for publication in the ACS Journal, Information Age.

ACS members who wish to self-assess can also download the assessment framework at the link below.  Completed assessments can be brought along on the day of the EdXN briefing, or can be forwarded to the local ACS office for collection.

* Office 2007 format.

Some browsers may incorrectly change the file extension on this download from ".ppsx" to ".zip".  If this happens, just change the name back and the show will operate correctly.