Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
Individual support
Organisation wide
Comprehensive change
Change takes time
Measure, act, measure
How do we ensure that governance of IT effective?

Who should be involved in governing IT?

What rules should underpin use of IT?

How can the board and executive understand technology matters?

How do we maintain proper control of our IT investment projects?

How can IT specialists communicate with their business counterparts?

How do we use IT to business advantage?

How do we ensure that our investments are successful?

Infonomics Improve services are designed to help individuals and organisations be more effective in governance of IT.

Developing effective governance of IT usually involves significant effort, to design process, adjust organisation, engage people and implement relevant supporting technology.  Completing the change process can take between one and two years, depending on the extent of change required, the preparedness of the organisation to embrace change, and the relative priority of the improvement program compared to other activities.

Before starting an IT Governance improvement initiative, (and particularly before any governance related software is licensed), organisations should lay the groundwork with understand the value of good IT governance and benchmarking their current performance.  Infonomics Assess services provide an ideal way of measuring baseline performance measure and engaging the key players in the organisation in deciding the most important issues to be addressed.

Infonomics Improve services are designed for organisations that understand the extent and nature of change required for effective governance of IT. 


Executive Engagement:  We help organisations establish appropriate sponsorship for IT Governance initiatives, by helping corporate leaders understand the importance of, and their role in Corporate Governance of IT.

Governance program planning: With many topics needing attention, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Using tools like the Assess diagnostic instruments, Infonomics assists organisations establish prioritised goals for improvement in their governance practices and outcomes.

Governance system design: We help organisations design effective systems of governance, considering four key dimensions of people, process, structure and technology.  Our work provides a high-level design that can be progressively implemented over an extended period.

Policy development: Policy guides behaviour and provides clear rules for decision making.  Rules for Governance of IT should be part of top-level organisation policy.  Infonomics helps organisations develop policy that corresponds to each of the ISO38500 principles, with the right amount of rigour given the overall business operating model and the capabilities of the key decision makers.
Executive and board coaching: We  provide personalised, confidential support for business leaders, to explain technology concepts in plain language, to translate complex technical documents, to develop questions to be asked about proposed initiatives and to help assure effective communication between technical and non-technical personnel.

Strategy: We help organisations to direct IT through business strategy, taking into account the current and future use of technology and ensuring that the directions for technology investment are completely aligned with business direction. 

Planning:  We help senior planners to build strong and comprehensive business cases for investment in technology as an enabler to business.  We help to ensure that plans are balanced across the people, process, structure and technology dimensions of change, to assure achievement of  intended business outcomes.

Steering committee support: We assist steering committees and their individual members as they evaluate, direct and monitor projects that contain significant IT elements.