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What is Governance of IT?

Is it important?

Can we do without it?

How much does it cost?

Is help available?

Who should be involved?

Where do we start?

What is ISO 38500?

How can we use ISO 38500?

Infonomics Inform services promote broad understanding of what IT Governance is about, why it is important and how organisations can develop their capabilities.

Infonomics Inform Services are adaptable to a variety of situations, built around seven educational offerings.


Public Briefings: These run for 30 to 60 minutes and are designed to build understanding of IT Governance in a broad audience.  Public briefings are usually delivered as part of major industry conferences or through professional organisations.


Boardroom Briefings: These run for 1 to 2 hours, to explain the corporate responsibilities for evaluating, directing and monitoring the use of information and communication technology, and introduce the six principles of good governance.  Optionally, a Boardroom Briefing may include a preliminary assessment of the organisation's arrangements for Governance of IT.


Governance of IT: Introduction: This four hour seminar introduces the key concepts of Corporate Governance of IT - setting and maintaining direction and avoiding risk.  It explores the distinctions between conformance and performance oriented standards, and positions ISO/IEC 38500 in relation to the diverse standards and frameworks available to assist organisations which are implementing IT Governance.


It explains the outcomes that should accrue from good Governance of IT, introduces the governance model and positions the six guiding principles.


Governance of IT: The Next Step: is a four hour seminar for a diverse audience.  It builds on Governance of IT: Introduction, exploring the six principles and three fundamental processes in the governance system.

 Participants will become aware of the dimensions in which the principles apply, and the scope of management processes and controls necessary for an organisation that is conforming with the standard.  They also progressively self-assess their own organisations for conformance to the intent and meaning of the principles.


Governance of IT: the View from the Top: is Infonomics "flagship" seminar, first offered in 2003, and continuously improved in line with market development.  In this full day interactive seminar, participants explore diverse case studies where weak governance has allowed IT to fail, causing serious damage.  They build deep appreciation of essential concepts as a prelude to a governance improvement program.


ISO/IEC 38500: The International Standard for Corporate Governance of IT, published in June 2008, marks a seminal change in understanding of how organizations should direct and control their use of IT.  Infonomics was deeply involved in development of ISO/IEC 38500 and its precursor, AS8015, and Mark Toomey is without doubt the world's most experienced specialist in the standard.


The Infonomics ISO/IEC 38500 Education Program provides business and IT leaders the opportunity to build a deep understanding of the standard, so that they can guide their organizations to better direction and control of IT.


Literature: Infonomics recognises that many people enjoy learning through reading, and that they like to retain and share useful texts.  Our range of literature is expanding over time, and includes:

  • Books

  • White Papers

  • Research Papers

  • Executive Briefs

  • The Infonomics IT Governance Letter

To access the current Infonomics literature, please go to our publications page.