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Mark Toomey comments on Queensland Government Discussion Paper: The future of information and communicaiton technology in the Queensland Government 2013 - 17

The discussion acknowledges that the current untenable situation is a product of weak governance, but fails to address the core of the issue.  To be successful, Queensland must improve top level governance of IT, and should adopt the recommendations in AS/ISO/IEC 38500.


Read the full set of 29 comments embedded in the original discussion paper.


Mark Toomey comments on Draft Australian Standard for Governance of IT-enabled Projects

18 October 2012

Standards Australia is working on a revision to the Interim Australian Standard AS 8016. 

The draft revision was issued for public comment on 24 August 2012. Comments close on 26 October.

Infonomics principal Mark Toomey submitted extensive comments on the draft today.  His comments can be found here.  In summarising his views, Toomey said: "the original AS 8016 did not offer sufficient advance on the guidance in AS/NZS/ISO/IEC 38500 to warrant publication as a separate standard.

The current draft has not advanced significantly beyond the 2009 document and cannot be justified for publication as a separate standard.  Notwithstanding, as I demonstrated in my book, Waltzing with the Elephant, there is substantial potential for development of further guidance on how AS/NZS/ISO/IEC 38500 can be applied to projects. 

My comments reflect my belief that there is a market need for appropriate guidance, and I look forward to these comments being robustly debated and applied, to help produce another example of Australia delivering world-leading guidance on how organisations can assure the success of their investments in IT-enabled change.

Mark Toomey comments on Victorian Government ICT Strategy

11 October 2012

Following damning reports on its ICT projects from the state's Auditor General and Ombudsman, the Victorian Government has established the Victorian Government Technology Advisory Committee to develop a new ICT Strategy for the state.  The draft strategy is available from

After a week of reviewing and considering the document, Infonomics principle Mark Toomey has today submitted comprehensive comments on the document, urging a more advanced perspective on business leadership and governance of IT, commensurate with the guidance provided in the international standard for Corporate Governance of Information Technology, AS/NZS/ISO/IEC 38500, which is already referenced in the report.

Toomey also identifies in his comments the opportunity for the Victorian ICT industry to become the global centre of excellence in adoption and use of ISO 38500, which complements, rather than replaces accepted and widely used management frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL and the UK Office of Government Computing suite of products (including Gateway, MSP, P3M3 and Prince2).

Toomey's comments on the draft ICT strategy are available here.  Discussion of these comments is welcomed.

Waltzing with the Elephant: Charity Auction raises $2500

19 August 2009

Infonomics and itSMF Australia are delighted to advise that the number one copy in the first print run of thirty copies of Waltzing with the Elephant was sold for $2,500 at a charity auction held in conjunction with the itSMF Australia annual conference dinner.

Waltzing with the Elephant: On sale now!

17 August 2009

Following its official launch in Sydney, Waltzing with the Elephant is now available for purchase through a limited range of outlets including The Infonomics Shop and itSMF Australia.

Waltzing with the Elephant:     The final countdown begins.

30 July 2009

Infonomics announces the launch date and availability of Mark Toomey's major new book on governance of information technology.

Full details are available in the July 2009 edition of The Infonomics Letter.


The Infonomics Shop is OPEN

30 April 2009

Infonomics is delighted to announce the opening of The Infonomics Shop.

Developed in partnership with Media Equation, the Infonomics Shop provides online purchasing of Infonomics publications in soft and hard copy format.  Common credit cards are accepted in The Infonomics Shop, and downloads are available almost instantly for soft-copy purchases.

Media Equation's Digital Asset Management technology provides each download to be uniquely watermarked with details of the purchase transaction, providing a measure of protection against rampant piracy.

Discounts for BSI London Conference on IT Governance

27 April 2009.

BSI has advised that speakers' guests will enjoy a 25% discount on the standard price for the conference.  As Mark Toomey is a speaker at the event, our friends can obtain a discount by contacting us and asking for the discount code.

Second Masterclass for Frankfurt

27 April 2009.

Interest in the masterclass scheduled for Frankfurt on 28 May has been so strong that we have decided to run an extra event on May 27th.  For more details, see the ISO3800 Education page.

Malaysia Masterclass a Resounding Success

20 March 2009.

Infonomics principal Mark Toomey delivered the first two day Extended Masterclass on Corporate Governance of Information Technology in Kuala Lumpur's Melia Hotel, on April 16-17.  The 17 class participants rated the two days highly, indicating that they would recommend it to their colleagues, and particularly to their business leaders.

Governance of IT Education in Malaysia, Germany and Australia

Infonomics is pleased to announce three opportunities to learn about ISO/IEC 38500 and Corporate Governance of Information Technology:

London IT Governance Conference

BSI British Standards has announced a conference on governance of IT, to he held in London on May 20 and 21.  Infonomics is delighted to be supporting the conference, at which Mark Toomey will be speaking on the case for adoption of ISO/IEC 38500.

See for details.

New ISACA Publications

17 February 2009

The IT Governance Institute has announced a new guide that may assist those involved in Corporate Governance of IT.

ITGI™ Enables ISO/IEC 38500:2008 Adoption: "explains the practical implications of each principle, together with how ITGI’s guidance enables good practice. It summarizes how COBIT, Val IT and related guidance support adoption of the standard’s principles and implementation approach".

21 January 2009

The IT Governance Institute announced a new survey report.

An Executive View of IT Governance presents the results of a 2008 survey of business executives regarding their organisations' use and governance of information technology.

Infonomics may comment on these documents in a future edition of The Infonomics Letter.

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