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The Infonomics Letter on Governance of Information Technology contains news and discussion of developments in the marketplace.

In October 2013, The Infonomics Letter evolved into its third form - appearing more frequently, with each Letter addressing only one topic.

The Infonomics Letter is now delivered in its entirety by email.  In time, it will move to a more standard blog format, with the inbuilt capability for discussion.

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The Infonomics Letter

Current Edition 19 December 2014 Past Editions
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Looking Ahead

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Welcome back to the Infonomics Letter – the third and final edition for 2014. 

Back on January 6, I hoped that this would be a great year for all of us.  Somehow, it didn’t work out like that and I’ve instead had what Queen Elizabeth once called an “Annus Horribilis” – a horrible year.  Without going into too much detail, it’s best to say that I let my guard down on health and was flattened by multiple bouts of influenza.  Maintaining my normal level of productivity became impossible and I was forced to choose carefully the tasks that would get my energy.  Two of the victims were The Infonomics Letter and my promised new book, Digital Leadership Manifesto.

The good news from my perspective is that I have recovered my health and am now looking forward to both a great Christmas break and a very significant 2015.

So, before we close off 2014, a year in which I did not achieve all my plans, I’d like to share four things with you:

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7 January 2014 Past Editions
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Test or Fail - A Lesson from Myer

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Welcome to the first Infonomics Letter for 2014.  I hope that it’s a great year for all of us.

In this edition we look at a major Australian retailer’s online channel failure and the questions that might have helped the CEO and Directors avoid the pain.

The opportunity to save on Waltzing with the Elephant and to pre-purchase Digital Leadership Manifesto continues until the end of the month.

There’s also a reminder of the ACS Education Across the Nation program which starts soon, delivering briefings on Digital Leadership and classes on Digital Leadership and Governance of IT in nine Australian cities during February, March and April.

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