Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
Organizations can learn a great deal from experience - their own, and that of others.

Yet in the case of information technology, where failures are all too frequent, it is not uncommon for the same failure situations to occur over and over.

From time to time, failures occur in such a way that they are highly visible and surrounded by a great deal of publicly available information.  These provide the raw material for our papers on IT failures.

Infonomics papers are written in plain language, for everybody from the board chair to the coalface of any organization.
A Catastrophe of IT Governance

In October 2005, the Australian Customs Service launched a new system for processing imports.  Within hours, it was clear that the system was experiencing problems.  For three weeks, Australia's sea ports were clogged, while customs and industry argued, until the original system was reactivated.  The National Audit Office confirmed that there had been severe disruption to the national supply chain.

A Catastrophe in Governance of IT traces the evolution of this project from its early stages, and uses publicly available material to show how the looming disaster was obvious to anybody who cared to look and take an interest.

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A Salutary Lesson

In early 2006, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries installed new accounting systems.  Some weeks later, in July, API found that it was unable to balance its accounts and could not produce its statutory reports.  The company was suspended from trading for almost 6 weeks and suffered numerous consequences of its misadventure.

A Salutary Lesson traces the key events and consequences for API, and looks at how directors can check whether their organizations are taking satisfactory precautions against similar situations.

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