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Here you can download Infonomics comments on the 2013 Queensland Government discussion paper on its future use of ICT.

This page provides access to the Infonomics comments on the Queensland Government Discussion Paper: "The future of information and communication technology in the Queensland Government 2013 - 17".

The comments are presented as annotations to the original report, using the "comments" feature of Adobe Acrobat.  Each item of feedback is in the form of an Acrobat "sticky note" inserted in the left margin, adjacent to the pertinent text.  There are 29 comments in total, including an initial comment presenting the credentials of the comment author.

Because the comments were submitted after the nominated closing date, they were sent by email letter to the relevant Minister in the Queensland Government, Mr Ian Walker, as well as to the project team.  Minister Walker acknowledged the letter within an hour of its transmission and confirmed that it would be given to the relevant team.

In a nutshell, the overall Infonomics view of the proposals is that they recognise the failures in governance of IT that have resulted in the current untenable situation in Queensland, but attempts to resolve it with a narrow focus on portfolio, program and project management do not address the cause of this problem.  Queensland Government must address systemic weakness in top level governance of IT, and in doing so should adopt the guidance presented in AS/ISO/IEC 38500.

Download the Annotated Report

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