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Waltzing with the Elephant review from Basil Wood

Waltzing with the Elephant

Review by Basil Wood

This book resonates with me. The book is deep with insight into ISO 38500 and the principles of enterprise/corporate governance of IT.  It is made colourful with interesting examples, authoritative from experience and enduring in its message that business/IT alignment must start at the highest levels, with leadership providing direction and control over a balanced and aligned, current and future business system.

With clear direction and accountability for results, the right behaviours will follow. Managers will get on with the job of developing optimal organisational structures, processes, tools and competencies that empower staff to deliver results that are aligned with business goals.

Talk about business/IT alignment is crucial but is wasted breath if the governance mechanisms are not in place to support it. This book provides comprehensive guidance for practitioners on what is needed and will provide ample material from which to draw on as we endeavour to confront the elephant and enlighten boards of directors on the principles of business/IT alignment and governance and what this means in practice at all levels of the organisation.

Highly recommended.

* Basil Wood is a Business-IT Performance and Value Management Specialist, based in Auckland, New Zealand.