Plain language about Digital Leadership and  Governance of Information Technology for Executives and Directors  
●Presentation Highlights
Midco is a real organization that has rebuilt its approach to governing the use of IT, using AS8015 and thus ISO 38500  as its key guide.

With a Governance Manual setting out six strategic policies linked directly to the ISO 38500 principles, Midco has a business focused and business driven approach to directing and controlling the use of IT, with the CEO and executive team responsible and accountable for success.

Mark Toomey presented the Midco case study to the itSMF Australia, "Going up a Gear" 11th national conference, in Canberra on Friday 29 August.  The day's opening plenary session followed hard on the heels of the previous evening's Gala Dinner, drew a large audience of around 200.

To begin the session, Mark introduced three participants in the previous day's ISO 38500 Workshop.   These people had explored the meaning and intent of the standard in depth, and had completed a preliminary assessment of their own organization's approach to governing its use of IT.  The told the assembled audience that, in their view, ISO 38500 provided the key that enables "IT Governance" to make sense. 

And they recommended that everybody at the conference should attend the ISO 38500 workshop.


Slides alone cannot give the full content of the information provided during the presentation - but they can help give an initial impression and they can help those who attended to remember what was said.

Download the pdf below, to see the slides that were presented.

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